Surgical Resources Group LLC

Surgical Resources Group LLC (“SRG”) is made up of a group of passionate consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors in the healthcare space. SRG offers an array of products and services targeted at cutting costs for hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and distributors.

Surgical Devices & Equipment
1) Cost-Savings

SRG provides cost-savings and cost-recovery solutions to hospitals and surgery centers. Providing surgical disposables and equipment from over 30 major medical device manufacturers, SRG can produce substantial savings on fast-moving surgical devices that you are already ordering, without affecting your contracts. 

2) Cost-Recovery

SRG offers multiple solutions for surgical inventory and equipment that has become surplus in a facility. There are numerous reasons why surgical disposables become distressed; SRG can turn unwanted inventory into much-needed cash. Store credit, cash, or trade outs are available.

3) Sutures

SRG provides wholesale and direct-to-facility savings on Ethicon, Covidien, Quill, and Look sutures. Clients save between 10-50% on average. Large Distributor warehouses fulfill and deliver medical 10’s of thousands of products. Our program solely represents the end-user in the purchase of sutures direct from the OEM or an OEM authorized distributor, often times creating substantial savings.