Our Surgical Offerings

Surgical Resources Group represents hospitals and surgery centers in the trading of surgical equipment and supplies.



Ethicon and Covidien are some of the most frequently used consumables in the OR today. Let us show you how to save money on them. Buy Suture today.

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Surgical Equipment

We have the best consultants to assist you with your specific equipment needs. Buy Surgical Equipment today.

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Surgical Supplies

All single-use disposables (“SUDs”) are in-date and receive a quality control check and assurance. Buy Surgical Supplies today.

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About Us

Surgical Resources Group LLC

Surgical Resources Group LLC (“SRG”) is made up of a group of passionate consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors in the healthcare space. SRG offers a compendium of products and services targeted at cutting costs for hospitals, surgery centers, and distributors during procurement of regularly consumed products in the healthcare supply chain. ​​

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  • Some items are in-stock ready to ship
  • Some items take up to two weeks to stock inventory
  • If you need something not on this catalog, ask your sales representative!
  • SRG also provides Ethicon and Covidien Suture as well as an array of Medical and Surgical Equipment

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